Emily McCabe Theatre Program COVID Protocols

·        Only campers and staff will be allowed in the building; no parents, siblings or caregivers   allowed.

·        Campers must be masked upon arrival each day and must keep the mask worn properly throughout the camp. Staff will remind campers, but continued failure to adhere to the rules could result in a call to the parent and in very extreme circumstances, removal from camp without refund.

·        Camper’s temperatures will be taken each day before rehearsal.  Parents will need to wait while their child’s temperature is taken with an infrared thermometer before the camper enter the premises. Campers with fevers will not be allowed to attend that day and will need a doctor’s note to return to rehearsal. If you child is not feeling well, please do not send them to camp.

·        There will be properly distanced marked spaces for the campers to sit and put their stuff each day. Campers will also use this space to rest between activities if needed.

·        Hand sanitizer will be provided and campers must use it at the start of rehearsal before going to their seat. If your child has allergies or sensitivities, please send sanitizer with your child to use and keep with their stuff and please make the staff aware of it.

·        Masks will be worn during the entire camp except for short water breaks taken in our distanced seats. Dances and acting will be choreographed to allow 6 feet between campers.

·         Masks WILL BE worn during the taping of the performance.

·        Students will be lined up outside at the end of camp for contactless pickup. Again only students are allowed inside the building.

·         Staff will wear masks at all times unless outside at a six-foot distance.

·         All surfaces will be professionally disinfected before each session every day.